Conversion Coating Products

Custom Chemicals of Texas has been known for sixteen years in the mid-south for providing excellent cleaners and conversion coating products and technical service that's second to none. Metal finishing for paint and powder coatings is our core business and we're good at it. We ship these products the next day and our average time to arrive on trouble calls is less than 24 hours!

Zinc phosphating processes are the industry standard for efficient, high quality production in automotive, appliance, and outdoor applications. We provide internally and externally accelerated zinc phosphating products for both steel and galvanized substrates. Our experience in this business began in automotive and air conditioning, and we've been selling these technologies since the day we opened.

Iron phosphating processes have been in use ever since Coslett invented phosphating. Iron phosphating can provide an excellent base for coatings both for indoor exposure and out. Many lines run Iron phosphate processes for toolboxes, landscape edging, truck accessories, and other severe applications. Custom Chemicals of Texas has products available to match almost any application and can custom build a product to meet any need.

Iron phosphate cleaner-coaters are iron phosphating materials with the cleaning package built into them so that they can be used in smaller two, three, and four stage wash lines. These products can be remarkably effective if proper controls and maintenance are provided. We carry many products for these applications, including tri-metal products and products made for lines running mostly aluminum or magnesium.

Chrome phosphates and other materials like heavy Zinc phosphates and Manganese phosphates are also provided. Custom Chemicals of Texas will match any application with an efficient, well-balanced product designed to meet your needs.

Remember - Under 24 hours to ship and under 24 hours to arrive on trouble calls means unbeatable support!