Custom Chemicals of Texas has long been known in the mid-south for excellent cleaning and conversion coating materials. Our line of cleaning products for industrial paint and powder lines is part of our core business. For sixteen years we've been providing a complete line of industry standard products for metal finishing.

Our Alkaline cleaners covers a wide range of applications. Products are made for operating pH values from 8.0 to 14 and run in temperatures ranging from ambient to over 160 f. Different levels of buffering allow for running different base metals such as cold-rolled, electrogalvanized, hot-dip, or pickled & oiled. Non-ferrous metals like aluminum respond well to our less aggressive cleaners, including a non-etching formula that won't dull polished stock.

Our acidic cleaners are available in a wide range of levels of aggressiveness and operating temperature. We can match any application from simple etching of aluminum parts to descaling operations or passivation of stainless steel.

Emulsion cleaners and cleaner additives are also available, and we can formulate them to match any special application. After all, we don't call it CUSTOM Chemicals of Texas for nothing!

Remember - Under 24 hours to ship and under 24 hours to arrive on trouble calls means unbeatable support!