Custom Chemicals of Texas

PO Box 815
Mansfield, Texas
(817) 453-0704


Custom Chemicals of Texas has developed a line of industrial lubricants including oils, hydraulic oils, way lubes, synthetic materials, metal forming lubricants and machining coolants. With multiple sources for both materials and technical knowledge we can find the right lube for your application.

Oils & Hydraulic fluids: We have a complete line of general duty oils and hydraulic fluids. For anything from name brand motor oils to commodity machine oils we can fit your requirements and specifications and your budget. Our technical people have the skill and knowledge to use the correct additives to match your lubricant to your application perfectly.

Synthetics: A complete lineup of synthetic lubricants means we can fit harsh environments like rotary screw compressors and other extreme duty applications. Synthetic metal forming lubes and machining coolants round out a line that's hard to beat. Synthetic compressor lubricants can save many man-hours of labor each year because they last four to six times as long as non-synthetics. Synthetic coolants are easier to filter and recycle much longer than non-synthetics, and are less prone to biological problems and thermal breakdown.

Availability: Custom Chemicals of Texas maintains manufacturing facilities and warehousing in both Texas and Tennessee. We ship from both locations within 24 hours of receiving an order in most cases.