What do you need?

Our business is supplying specialty chemicals, lubes, and chemical control
solutions to the organic metal-finishing industry.
We have a staff of the most responsive technical representatives
in the industry, and they have the authority to do what is necessary to make the
customer happy.

Our average time to ship orders is less than 24 hours, as is our average time to
arrive on trouble calls. When you need help we've got you covered!

We believe customers need a stable company, one that isn't constantly changing things
around to "Integrate" another merger. We provide solid, tested, proven solutions to
to finishing problems, that's all we do, and we're good at it.

In November of 2001 we moved into our new facility Now all our Texas offices and laboratory
are under one roof, making for better communications and better customer service. We expect
to move into the new plant building in the second quarter of 2002.

Give us a call, we promise a real live human will answer the phone!

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